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Sergeant Rock hit 50 a few days ago. You probably have to be a certain age to appreciate the name, but despite his actually being a Major now, I still proudly display the Sergeant title.  You can take this sort of thing to an extreme, of course.  As soon as I realised Smugglers could get “The Outlaw” title I gave serious consideration to rolling a Gunslinger, naming him Josey and taking the Legacy surname “Wales” as soon as Calli completed Act 1.  Luckily, sanity prevailed, but a few days after I chose my Legacy name I caught sight of someone else proudly sporting the name “The Outlaw Josey Wales” at Carrick Station.

Then there are the missed opportunities.  I saw one guy with the name “Pepper”.  Now you’d be thinking at this point that he was a Trooper with the title “Sergeant Pepper”.  Perhaps he even went the whole nine yards and formed a guild called “Lonely Hearts Club Band”?  That would have been too awesome, but of course this guy was Captain Pepper, a Smuggler.  Every time he walks past people look at him and think “If only…”

So yeah, Rock is now a level 50 Commando.  Levelling him up has been almost as much fun as levelling a Scoundrel, I have honestly enjoyed almost every minute of it.  Commandos are an awesome class and unlike Smugglers they don’t look like competitors from ComicCons Worst Costume Ever contest.

Ancient weapons and hokey religions are no match for a really crappy costume, kid.


There’s just one teeny weeny fly in the Trooper ointment.  They are totally awesome except for one minor detail.  The Trooper storyline really, really sucks balls.

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